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When you step into the beer garden of the Village Tap you leave the hustle and bustle behind and enter into a hidden enclave, perfect for kicking back, recharging those batteries, or just having a great time. To make room for more patrons we had to remove the leaky fish pond a few years back. Chicago Magazine described its fountain as "kitschy" and it broke our hearts to pull it out, even though the water had a tendency to get a little murky. We were able to find a home for all its inhabitants and with the additional seats gained, were able to accommodate loyal patrons desiring a beer garden spot.

The beer garden is serene during the warm months of spring, summer, and fall, and its just as great during the winter too! You heard right, the beer garden is open all year long (alright, it may be closed during a deep freeze of sub-zero temps!). When its cold you may get a seat next to the fire place or near one of the mushroom heaters, but regardless, you'll be warm and toasty under the canopy with a window to the stars. Seeing is believing, and a real cure to cabin fever when you feel holed up during the winter months. So don't forget to stop in to warm up with a cold beer in the toasty beer garden on a freezing winter night.