River West Brewery
Single-Malt Scotches and Cigars

Single Malt Scotches
10 Years Old
A Lowland malt with a light, delicate nose, clean aroma, and pale color. A smooth, slightly dry taste.
14 Years Old
A West Highlands malt that is round and dry in flavor with a delicate hint of peat and a smooth, buttery finish.
10 Years Old
The only whiskey from the Isle of Skye. A full-flavored malt with a distinctive, peaty taste and marine character.
12 Years Old
A Speyside malt with complex flavor notes. A firm body with medium smokiness.
15 Years Old
A gentle Highlands malt with a light taste and a fruity, sweet aroma.
16 Years Old
From the Isle of Islay, a robust malt with a heavy, powerful aroma and a smoky, peaty taste.
Isle of Jura
Smoky flavor from barley malt, dried over peat fires. Distilled with mineral-rich water.
Cigar Menu
Louis Abuelo
Indonesian wrapper, Dominican filler
  • Churchill: 7.5" x 50 ring
  • Robusto: 5" x 50 ring
  • Corona Gordo: 6.25" x 42 ring
  • Panatela: 6" x 34 ring
Taino Pure Corona
100% Dominican

Villa Rothchild
Ecuador wrapper, Dominican filler

Villa Churchill
Ecuador wrapper, Dominican filler

Gispert Longsdale

Montecruz Juniors

Macanudo Portofino

Upmann Churchill

River West Cigar Room