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Don't miss this opportunity to outclass everyone you know by wearing Red Head Piano Bar clothing! Just email us and let us know what you would like to order from the selection below, and include your size. (Add $5 per order to cover tax and postage.)

  • Redhead Jacket (see photo) $250.00
  • Redhead Sweatshirt $40.00 (add $2.00 for XXL)
  • Redhead Polo Shirt $38.00 (add $2.00 for XXL)
  • Redhead White T-Shirt $20.00 (add $2.00 for XXL)
  • Redhead Black T-Shirt $22.00 (add $2.00 for XXL)
  • Redhead Baseball Hat $17.00
  • Redhead Teddy Bear $20.00

Email Your Order!