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Long Live the Martini!

  • Misty: Bacardi Tropico, a splash of Bacardi Limon, a splash of 7-Up and an orange slice.
  • The Silver & The Gold: Tanqueray Sterling vodka, a splash of Johnnie Walker Gold, a splash of M&R Dry Vermouth, two olives
  • James Bond: very chilled Finlandia vodka, "shaken, not stirred," no olive
  • Steph's Own Martini: Tanqueray Malacca Gin, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice, orange slice
  • Melon Martini: Belvedere vodka, Midori, lemon twist
  • Madame Rouge: Belvedere vodka, Godiva Chocolate liqueur, cherry
  • Stuart's Blue Ice: Bombay Sapphire, splash M&R Dry Vermouth, twist
  • The Redhead: Bacardi 8, a splash of 7-Up, cherry
  • The Chopin Natural: 100% white potato vodka chilled, served straight up
  • The Presidential: Belvedere vodka chilled, anchovy-stuffed olive
  • Cosmopolitan: Tanqueray Sterling vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, splash of cranberry, lemon twist

  • Wendy's "Dark Side" Martini: Finlandia, Chambord, lemon twist
  • Bacardi Limòn Martini: Bacardi Limon, splash of M&R, twist
  • Bob's Martini: Tanqueray Gin, splash of M&R Dry Vermouth, olive
  • Hennessy V.S. Martini: chilled w/ a lemon twist
  • Art's Martini Olé: El Conquistador tequila, Cointreau, 2 limes, w/ a salt-rimmed glass
  • Jody's Martini: Bacardi Limon, splash of Rose's Lime juice, splash of M&R Dry Vermouth, splash of 7-Up
  • Madhattan: Gentleman Jack w/ a splash of M&R Sweet Vermouth, cherry