Let the experts at BarsOnLine help you plan your next private party, pub crawl or special event. For a private event, we'll ask you to specify some details, and we will search our database and suggest some places that will meet your needs, or we will put together a schedule of bars to visit on a pub crawl. We will let you know about specials, and can even arrange transportation, and we'll do it for FREE!! Just fill out the form below, and get ready for a great time. Don't forget to include your email address, and please make sure you give us a couple of weeks notice.

In case you are thinking you need a bus, most of our routes are easy to walk, although occasionally we do suggest a $3-4 cab ride. Buses run around $65 per hour, and we would be happy to arrange that if needed.

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Please send comments and suggestions to: webmaster@barsonline.com
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