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Private Parties
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PhilosoFurs' is the perfect location for your next private party, whether it be a casual outing or a large corporate event. Your group can take advantage of our many activities while enjoying customized food and drink packages that meet every need. We can also run a pool tournament for your group!

Our private "Breakroom" is an ideal facility for group outings of 40 people or more. This private facility is equipped with pool tables, dart lanes, a private bar, many TV's, and on-line trivia. It comes staffed with a bartender, and additional waitstaff if necessary. The Breakroom rents to groups of less than 40 people for $100 per hour, to groups of 40-60 for $50 per hour, and for groups over 60 there is no charge.

Call J.T. at (773) 477-3661 to book your next event at PhilosoFurs!