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Cheese Quesadillas
A 12" tortilla smothered with a mix of three cheeses & topped with a second tortilla. Served piping hot!
Philosofur's Fingers
Crispy chicken fingers served with your choice of honey mustard sauce or tangy barbecue sauce.
Chicken Ranchero Quesadilla
Our delicious cheese quesadilla with chunks of grilled chicken and ranchero salsa.
Nero's Wings of Fire
Nero fiddled while Rome burned on these chicken wings of fire.
Mozzarella Stix
Batter dipped mozzarella sticks served piping hot with marinara sauce.
Chips & Salsa
A tribute to our south-of-the-border philosofurs in the form of tortilla chips and salsa.
Phil's Nachos
A generous portion of chips smothered with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeņo peppers, and salsa.