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Glascott's is the place to be in Lincoln Park. Established in 1937, Glascott's put Lincoln Park on the map. Located on the corner of Halsted & Webster, Glascott's has been serving its patrons for generations. Come on by and see what makes Glascott's such a classic Irish-Chicago tradition.

While you're at Glascott's, listen to the jammin' sounds on the best jukebox in the city. It's the best, because you design it - just tell the bartender what CD's you want on the juke, and we'll get them. And coming soon, we'll have live acoustic music every Sunday night. Come listen to your friends play, or bring your guitar - anyone can play, unless you suck!

There are a lot of fun things to do while you're at Glascott's. We have pool, darts (real ones, not that electronic junk!) and Golden Tee '99. We also have some special events going on:
  • Next Event TBA Call us at (773) 281-1205.