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Four Farthings' Tavern
When you step through the door of The Tavern, you'll feel like you've stepped back to a simpler time, when the corner saloon was the meeting place for everyone in the neighborhood - that's what The Four Farthings is even today. And our tavern also features many modern conveniences - a great pub menu, a pool table and Golden Tee Golf in the back room, monthly drink specials, and always, a good, fun crowd.

Beer Evolution at The Tavern
Its hard to imagine, looking at a lineup of 16 draft beers and 12-15 bottled beers, that only a short 18 years ago, Four Farthings' beer lineup consisted of Old Style, Budweiser and Guinness on tap. The bottled selection on opening day consisted of Miller Lite, Heineken, Special Export, Beck's, Moosehead, and Michelob, which was quickly reduced to Lite, Export, Beck's, and Heineken. Bottled sales accounted for 75% of total beer sales. Currently, bottled beer and draft beer sales are about even.

Our earliest experimentation with an expanded beer menu came in the mid-80's with the advent of a beer board with some early mid-west entries in the craft brewing market, brand like Eau Claire All-Malt, Christian Moerlin, and a wide array of imports, ranging from Tsingtao (China) to OB (Japan), Coopers (Australia), Samuel Smith's (England), Orange Boom (Holland), Raichbier (Germany), and more...

As micro/craft brews became more widely marketed, driven by Samuel Adams, demand necessitated the addition of an extra draft tower. Ironically, with the addition of each handle, demand for draft beer increased. Due to space constraints, we are somewhat limited in any future expansion of our draft handles. By rotating seasonal and specialty handles, we will continue to keep up with changing and maturing tastes, while keeping in mind that freshness is of the utmost importance.