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Jalapeno Poppers
...Homemade jalapeno poppers, stuffed with a blend of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, & Wisconsin brick cheese. Served with sour cream, ranch, or blue cheese dips.
Crawfish Cornfritters
...Stolen from the family cookbook of Jimmy's cousins in Louisiana, these fritters are prepared with roasted red & jalapeno peppers. Served with Cajun mayo.
Jimmy's Oriental Salad
...Watercress, peapods, bean sprouts, Chinese noodles and a mixture of lettuces served with an orange sesame oil & soy sauce dressing.
...w/ Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
...A 12 oz. chicken breast fried & flavored with Jimmy's Famous Buffalo Sauce. Served with one side.




Ceasar Steak Sandwich
...Tender ribeye steak grilled to perfection and served on French bread with Ceasar dressing, lettuce, & tomato w/ choice of one side.
Grilled Salmon
...Fresh Atlantic salmon grilled with butter, white wine, fresh herbs, & pepper. Choose two of your favorite sides!
Blackened Ribeye
...10 oz. ribeye steak blackened, then finished on the grill. It will melt in your mouth. Served with choice of two sides.
...w/ Chicken
Skeeter's Backyard BBQ Chicken
...Good enough to cook in your backyard or at a tailgate party. Charbroiled half chicken prepared with Skeeter's special tarragon sauce. With two sides.
... 7.95



... 9.95
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