Thirsty? Brother Jimmy's has just the thing to quench that thirst! Choose from our great selection of tap and bottled beer, especially micro-brews, sample one of over 35 different types of bourbon, or live on the edge with one of our famous Specialty Drinks.

Carolina Cooler Brother Jimmy's classic cocktail - the Grand Daddy of all our drinks. Let's go Tarheels!

Creepin' Jesus Also known as the Purple People Eater. Smooth and strong. Creeps up on you. By the pint!

White Lightnin' Punch that'll kick your butt. Limit 2 per person.

Plantation Punch My dad used to drink this out of his flask on Sundays, just before the sermon. He said it used to teach him patience. Real smooth!

Myrtle Beach Margarita The drink that inspired Jimmy Buffett to write "Margaritaville." Incredibly strong and available in strawberry, raspberry, and plain.

Bull Durham Industrial strength.

Swamp Water Huge! 90 oz. of drink - or by the pint. Comes with your very own man-eating alligator.

Tarheel Moonshine Believe it or not, my granddaddy got busted by the Feds for makin' this same stuff back in 1948. Albeit under a different name, this stuff has a hell of a kick. Not for the timid.

Texas Tea A really potent mix of 5 kinds of booze. Comes in a Mason jar.

TRY OUR TRASH CAN PUNCH! 2 Gallons of Booze, served in the biggest Mason jar you've ever seen! You keep the jar. Lots o' rum, lotsa juice, and a bunch of straws. Goes great with dinner! For parties of 5 or more.

Blue Devils
Hog Juice
Alabama Slammers
Buttery Nipples
Cape Fear (lethal!)

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