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Reach for the Skyy...With an Abner's Martini!

Dee's Dirty Martini: As dirty as the real man. Chilled Skyy vodka with a splash of olive juice, served straight up with a spritz of dry vermouth and olives.

Abner's Awesome Apple: A blissful summertime concoction of Skyy vodka, triple sec, and sour apple pucker chilled and completed with a splash of apple juice.

Mateo's Melonball: Matt's very own creation, featuring Skyy and Midori shattered over ice, mixed with a splash of O.J. and served straight up.

Lori's Sexual Chocolate: As tempting as the Diva herself! A sinful mix of Skyy vodka, light and dark creme de cacao, and Bailey's, shaken to frothy perfection.

Clark Street Cosmo: Only for the elite of Wrigleyville. A tasty blend of chilled Skyy, triple sec, and a splash of cranberry, served with a twist.

The Lakeview Lemondrop: A taste that cools that neighborhood thirst. Skyy and a splash of Cointreau shaken with a touch of lemonade and sugar. Oooh..what a rush!

Stan's Zamboni Classic: A mixer of Skyy and ice, shaken till frozen and served straight up. A taste so cold Mikita could skate across it!

Donna's Bitch-n-Blue: Inspired by our favorite bookworm, this mix of Skyy vodka, blue curacao, and pineapple juice chilled and served up - the cure for any overworked and underpaid employee!